Wednesday, March 06, 2019
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After 11 years, the epic masterpiece “Alita” has finally returned

Eight years ago, “Avatar” showed us a mysterious and unknown world, and a group of strange but lovely people. The focus of public opinion in that year has gradually been forgotten by people. As a world leader, Cameron’s honor is already full. Now this legendary director will present a masterpiece in the field of science fiction for fans all over the world.

This epic work called “Alita”, for Chinese fans, is still a face-to-face look, just like the name of Avatar at the time, We do not understand what it is. However, for some Japanese audiences, it is absolutely no stranger. It is based on the Japanese manga “nightmare”. It is said that the film’s brewing process lasted for 11 years. What is this concept? This kind of craftsmanship that polishes the film is indeed worth learning by the director.



It is said that after Cameron looked at the “nightmare”, he immediately became addicted to it. The fantasy world it depicts, and the various characters, are just like the Lord of the Rings, which is an epic level. What is a science fiction epic? It is a fictional world, but people think it is a reality.

After that, …

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Why is “Wandering Earth” so exciting?

Starting from “War Wolf II”, Wu Jing has already undermined the rules of the film market.


The rules of the former movie market were to rely on stars to carry traffic, star directors, star actors, and various traffic stars that have been ignited in recent years. Many movies are for the purpose of holding someone, the most typical one is the Great Wall.

This model was very successful more than a decade ago. For example, “The Founding of the People’s Republic of China” and “The Great Party of the Party” have all brought this model to the extreme, and it has only supported a few stars to prop up a film.

In this mode, the ratio of film remuneration to production costs is very high, and the highest even reach 70% to 80%. The pay for these traffic stars has also risen steadily, and tens of millions of ordinary movies can’t afford it.


In the past ten years, good-selling movies tend to have fewer stars, while movies with more stars tend to have less reputation and the box office is not so good. The reason is here.

For example, Feng Xiaogang’s several films in recent years, the word …

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