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Good movies – which is more important at the box office and word of mouth?

The Hurt Locker 2010
In 2010, “Avatar” swept the world, everyone thought that James Cameron must be the result of a double box office and awards, but in the Oscar-winning best film competition, lost to the box office income only There are 50 million “bombing units”. This decision aroused the strong dissatisfaction of many viewers at that time. In their view, Cameron’s imagination and skillful techniques deserved this honor. This dissatisfaction also indirectly increased their negative impact on the Hurt Locker. Emotions, it is even more pointed out that the victory of the Hurt Locker is only a victory for the subject matter and meaning.

The Passion of the Christ, 2004
Although there is a movie like “The Brave Heart”, it can’t stop Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” from being bad luck. After the film was released, the critics gave him the name of “anti-Semitic”, which made a time of bad comments and oppositions, obliterating the whole film’s touch and shocking power. However, due to religious issues, the Passion of the Christ has also presented a polarized evaluation to this day. For such movies, it is probably an inescapable fate.
Fight Club 1999
The follow-up influence of “Beat …

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“Amazing Captain” word of mouth explosion

Today, Marvel’s new work “Amazing Captain” social media word of mouth is released, almost all of them are praised, and the evaluation called this film “the feeling of a great sci-fi movie in the 1990s”, while “Amazing Captain” will also be Marvel The synergy of the team has reached its limit!

Although the film took place in the 1990s, the history of the Marvel Movie Universe and the details of almost all MCU movies are connected in many places.

At the same time, the media showed four audience climaxes, namely the opening flower, a scene, a certain scene of the orange cat and the ending egg.

The media believes that Blar Larson plays Carol’s demeanor, movement, and tone, and she has a strong chemical reaction with Samuel Jackson. At the same time, it is repeatedly mentioned that the villain played by Ben Mendelson and the orange cat is the biggest highlights of the film.

Of course, some people in the praise also believe that although the film is excellent, there are still some shortcomings, that is, “Amazing Captain” is still not separated from the Marvel mode, and the slow narrative structure of the first half of the movie of heroic …

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After 11 years, the epic masterpiece “Alita” has finally returned

Eight years ago, “Avatar” showed us a mysterious and unknown world, and a group of strange but lovely people. The focus of public opinion in that year has gradually been forgotten by people. As a world leader, Cameron’s honor is already full. Now this legendary director will present a masterpiece in the field of science fiction for fans all over the world.

This epic work called “Alita”, for Chinese fans, is still a face-to-face look, just like the name of Avatar at the time, We do not understand what it is. However, for some Japanese audiences, it is absolutely no stranger. It is based on the Japanese manga “nightmare”. It is said that the film’s brewing process lasted for 11 years. What is this concept? This kind of craftsmanship that polishes the film is indeed worth learning by the director.



It is said that after Cameron looked at the “nightmare”, he immediately became addicted to it. The fantasy world it depicts, and the various characters, are just like the Lord of the Rings, which is an epic level. What is a science fiction epic? It is a fictional world, but people think it is a reality.

After that, …

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The film industry uses big data to analyze audience demand

On August 6, Ali Films released its first announcement, appointing Zhang Qiang, the deputy general manager of the former China Film Co., Ltd., as the CEO of Alibaba Pictures, and changing the name of the listed company from “Culture China” to “Ali Film”. In March of this year, Alibaba announced that it will invest 59.32 billion shares in Cultural China for HK$6.244 billion, becoming the largest shareholder of Cultural China.

In 2013, the success of applying big data to the popular TV series “Paper House” for content development caused a worldwide debate, and also allowed Netflix and “Big Data” to enter the eyes of Chinese moviegoers. The Chinese film industry has begun to explore how to use the Internet big data to serve the Chinese film industry, and some technology companies have begun to explore in this regard.

Culture China has participated in the investment of the 2013 domestic box office champion “Xiyou • Demon Magic”, and has a cooperative relationship with Zhou Xingchi, Wang Jiawei, Chen Kexin, etc. The chairman of the board is Dong Ping, a big figure in the film and television circle. Internet companies’ ambitious film plans are the hottest topic in today’s film industry. Chinese …

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Graduation Works: analysis of the three elements of the movie

The elements of work usually refer to the constituent parts or units that make up the work. They often have the ability to construct story content, etc. For film and television works, the elements of the work are often diverse. Some film and television works, through the elements of love, islands, and detectives, form the story content of the whole work.

The youth love adventure film “Graduation Works” starring Xu, Zhang Yishan and Ding Ding is a film composed of various elements. As a youthful film work, “Graduation Works” is composed of the main elements. These constituent elements are also used to construct this film work. I believe that a partner who is familiar with the film is not difficult to feel. In the meantime, the elements of this film are mainly reflected in three aspects. They include three elements: love, islands, and detectives.

  • Love

Love is often an important or important component of many film and television works. The attractive elements of love not only bring resonance and feeling to our audience. Moreover, emotional elements such as life and life can be harvested through the elements of love. And some of the film’s love elements, through the sublimation of …

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The China Film Annual Survey Report

Listening to the sound of the waves, watching the infinite scenery, taking advantage of the 40 years of reform and opening up, the Chinese film in 2018 is full of flowers. The “2018 Chinese Film Annual Survey Report” jointly launched by the Film Channel Media Center and the 1905 Film Network was released and released by authority. More than 10,000 professional film critics participated in the event and used the data to understand the development of the Chinese film market. On January 4, 2019, “Today’s Film Critics” specially invited Rao Shuguang, director of the China Federation of Literary and Art Film Art Center and president of the China Film Critics Association, to analyze the year-end report of Chinese film from a professional perspective.

The box office results of Chinese films in 2018 reflected the prosperity of the market. The annual total box office success exceeded 60 billion, marking the beginning of a new stage in the development of Chinese film. Rao Shuguang believes in the “Today’s Film Critics” that the total box office is gratifying, and the growth of domestic film data is worthy of the attention and pride of Chinese filmmakers. In 2018, the domestic movie market share increased …

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How do we write an excellent film review?

If you want to write a good film review, you should first watch the movie seriously, and record the important characters, shots, etc. in the film to find out the highlights and the most novel aspects of the film. Whether a film critic can attract people is whether they have different opinions from others, and write something that others generally cannot think of. We can summarize “new” and “odd” in two words.

Common problem: Separated from the theme, storytelling, all-around, no point of view, written as “tofu block”, the end of the inversion, common sense problems, no details.

Thought review

Comment topic. This part strives to have unique insights and dig deeper. Most of the articles in “Autumn Harvest Uprising” think that this film reflects the history of the autumn harvest uprising and successfully portrays the image of Mao Zedong. Combining Marxism-Leninism with the practice of the Chinese revolution, taking the road of encircling the city from the countryside, and finding the direction of the struggle for the Chinese revolution. And I realized from Lenin’s account of the leader and the central definition of Mao Zedong’s thought: The film reflects Mao Zedong’s growth as a prominent revolutionary leader in the struggle. It also …

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Little knowledge about film evaluation

A movie review is called of short film evaluation. It analyzes and comments on the director, actors, lens language, shooting techniques, plots, clues, environment, colors, light, etc. of a film. The purpose of the film review is to analyze, identify and evaluate the aesthetic value, cognitive value, social meaning, lens language and other aspects contained in the screen. Therefore, it can achieve the purpose of filming, explain the theme expressed in the film, not only through analyzing the success or failure of the film, helping the director to broaden their horizons and improve the level of creation, to promote the prosperity and development of film art. At the same time, through analysis and evaluation, it can influence the audience’s understanding and appreciation of the film, and enhance the audience’s appreciation level, thus indirectly promoting the development of film art.

Purpose of the review

The purpose of the film review is to analyze, identify and evaluate the aesthetic value, cognitive value, social meaning, lens language and other aspects contained in the screen. Reach the purpose of filming and explain the themes expressed in the film. It can help the director to broaden his horizons and improve his creative level by analyzing the success and failure of the film …

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