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Classic movies that must be watched on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day: The fourth Thursday of November each year.

There is no fixed date for the initial Thanksgiving. In 1941, the US Congress officially designated the fourth Thursday of November each year as “Thanksgiving Day.” Thanksgiving holidays generally last from Thursday to Sunday. The origin of Thanksgiving must be traced back to the origins of the history of the entire nation of the United States, as well as to the history of the Puritans.


In the West, Thanksgiving is second only to Christmas. This is a day of gratitude. People go to the church as a custom to worship, thank God for their compassion and infinite grace. This is a reunion day, where people from all over the world come together to enjoy turkeys, each sharing a gratifying testimony of the year.

Because people are not isolated, we all have support and care from family, friends, and colleagues. Expressing gratitude to the people around you in a timely manner, our world will also become warmer.

1 I am Sam

Sam is a mentally handicapped patient who works in a coffee shop. He and his wife gave birth to a daughter, but when the daughter was born, the mother would not say goodbye. With the help of a group of friends with mental disorders, Sam raised his daughter alone.

When Lucy grew up, she was not only beautiful but also smart. Although only 7 years old, her intelligence has surpassed Sam. In order to prevent her father from being sad, Lucy deliberately moved to her father’s intellectual level, which is obviously not conducive to her intellectual and emotional development.

Social workers thought that Sam was not suitable for raising Lucy. Sam was not willing to lose his daughter. He decided to hire a female lawyer Rita to help him fight for custody. At first, she didn’t want to pick it up. In order to prove to everyone that she also cares about social welfare, she barely took it. To her surprise, in the contact with Sam, Rita was touched by Sam’s deep and sincere, unconditional fatherly love for Lucy.

At the same time, during the trial of the lawsuit, Rita gradually clarified her life. For many years, she neglected her son and family for her work. It was Sam who urged her to reflect and re-enter her family.

2 mother

In 1944, the Japanese Pacific War was in full swing. Living in a wilderness in Tokyo, the family lived a quiet and happy life. It is only in this war years, how luxurious and fragile happiness is.

As the head of a progressive writer, Nozawa was arrested on charges of impending law and order and was soon persecuted to death. His wife, Jia Dai, endured grief and strongly raised a pair of daughters and the first son.

She uses her life’s happiness and selfless maternal love to protect the children’s healthy growth.

3 can’t reach

Because of a skydiving accident, white rich man Philippe Philippe was lying in bed, hiring a full-time escort. Due to the high salary, the candidates gathered, all of them could not touch his heart. It was not until the advent of the black Dess Driss that he made a decision.

Dess Driss has just come out of jail and bears the burden of the family. He only wants to find a letter of resignation to apply for relief, and he obviously has a much greater interest in the female assistant than the job. But Philip still looks at this guy.

So Deschus began a one-month trial period. Although the comfortable mansion environment makes him feel vain, he still faces many challenges: not only to make physical rehabilitation for Philip but also to give him bathing, enema, letter breaking, wearing stockings and so on. At first, the way of thinking between the two was very different from the values, but as the understanding deepened, they became friends…

The film was based on real events and won the Golden Film Award for Best Film at the 2011 Tokyo Film Festival.

4 If love is God’s will

In 2003, the college student Yu Xi cleaned up the room one day, accidentally found a mysterious box filled with love letters left by her mother Zhu Xi. In reading, she relived her mother’s first love memories.

In 1968, Zhu Xi was a pure and lovely girl. She fell in love with the poor student Jun He. Because of Zhu Xi’s fascinating family life, the love of the two fell into the mischievous misunderstanding of the door. In 2003, Yu Xi’s love was equally rough. She secretly loved the folks of the drama society, but she has been unable to express her love.

Ingeniously, Yu Xi found that her mother’s first love story was very similar to her own encounter. Can you be happy? Or is it difficult to ask for a mother’s twists and turns?

5 death poetry club

The film tells the story of a thoughtful teacher and a group of students who want to break through. Wilton College is known for its calm and dignified teaching style and high academic progression. As a student of its graduating class, the idea is to enter a prestigious school.

The arrival of the new semester literature teacher John Keating is like a spring breeze, a serious stereotype against traditional schools. Keating took the students to listen to the sound of death in the school history building and reflect on the meaning of life. Let the boys read their ideas on the pitch, encourage students to stand on the desk and overlook the world with a new perspective.

The teacher’s free and divergent philosophical thinking has a strong resonance among the students. They gradually learn to think and seek, and bravely follow the path of life. The education of Keating teacher is like spring rain, and the moistness remains silent in everyone’s heart.

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