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Good movies – which is more important at the box office and word of mouth?

The Hurt Locker 2010
In 2010, “Avatar” swept the world, everyone thought that James Cameron must be the result of a double box office and awards, but in the Oscar-winning best film competition, lost to the box office income only There are 50 million “bombing units”. This decision aroused the strong dissatisfaction of many viewers at that time. In their view, Cameron’s imagination and skillful techniques deserved this honor. This dissatisfaction also indirectly increased their negative impact on the Hurt Locker. Emotions, it is even more pointed out that the victory of the Hurt Locker is only a victory for the subject matter and meaning.

The Passion of the Christ, 2004
Although there is a movie like “The Brave Heart”, it can’t stop Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” from being bad luck. After the film was released, the critics gave him the name of “anti-Semitic”, which made a time of bad comments and oppositions, obliterating the whole film’s touch and shocking power. However, due to religious issues, the Passion of the Christ has also presented a polarized evaluation to this day. For such movies, it is probably an inescapable fate.
Fight Club 1999
The follow-up influence of “Beat Club” is not to be overstated. Versace named the blade in the men’s clothing as “Beat Club”. Gucci’s model eyes were painted with black eyes and a scarred catwalk. Dolce & Gabbana was in the dirty basement of Milan. The release of new… magazines, books, and records are all in full swing to follow this wave of fighting. However, at the time of the film’s premiere, some people directly called out “Fasci”. When the US Kansas State Councillors criticized the violent tendency of Hollywood movies in CNN, they also used the “Beat Club” as an example. The final box office of the movie only recovered half of the cost, directly Leading to the resignation of the investor’s Fox head.
Shawshank Redemption, 1994
“Shawshank’s Redemption” is probably the most widely known film in this article, because it has long occupied the list of “Men must watch movies for a lifetime” and is also the first film on the IMDB website. However, when it was released, it was not treated very well. Although the investment of 25 million barely recovered the cost, the first week of the box office of 720,000 transcripts is really ugly, had to move to the videotape market. The most ridiculous thing is that the film did not suffer any bad comments – this is enough for a movie because it doesn’t even smash. In the end, although he won seven Oscar nominations, he was not able to accept the film under the cover of “Forrest Gump” and “Pulp Fiction”.
Falling Dogs, 1992
As Quentin Tarantino’s debut, “The Dog” has shown his strong Cult style and violent aesthetics, but it has also made him inextricably linked to the word “controversy”. When he was shown in the cinema, the famous horror master Wes Craven (the father of “Ghost Street” and “Scream”) had left the middle of the game because he could not accept the right and wrong of the movie and the beautification of violence. To this day, “Water Dog” has become the “Bible” in the hearts of cult film fans, but the scene in the movie with music cut off the human ear is still the reason for other fans to reject Quentin.
The Past of the United States, 1984
Many people don’t believe it, and the fate of the film’s masterpiece “The Past of the United States” is not smooth. The film’s production cost reached 30 million, and the box office was only over 5 million. In the early days of the filming, North American film critics and the media were against it. Comment, much worse than the treatment of Nie Yinniang. Now, film critics and fans are undoubtedly putting the praises of “epic” and “masterpieces” on it.
The Last Tango of Paris, 1972
In this battle of eroticism and art, “The Last Tango of Paris” is always the best model. In 1972, the master Bertolucci created the film with the then 47-year-old Marlon Brando. In the movie, the heroine of the three-day and three-night singer of Brando was the 19-year-old Maria Shi Ned. Because of the large amount of sexual description in the film, the Roman High Court ruled that Bertolucci and the starring two were guilty of defamation, sentenced Bertolucci to two months in prison, deprived of ten years of citizenship, and demanded the destruction of film. In addition to Italy, the film has not escaped the banned fate in many European countries that have always been open. However, Bertolucci and Brando were nominated for the Academy Awards. The film has been relished by many fans many years later.
The Birth of a Country, 1915
In 2015, it was just a hundred years of “The Birth of a Country” directed by D.W. Griffith. If you want to talk about “controversial movies,” nothing is more qualified than it. The greatness and failure of the past 100 years, has never stopped being discussed – compared with it, you will find that all the arguments about “Assassin Nie Yinniang” are too small to see.
At that time, the movies were basically short films, not to mention the shooting techniques, and even the stories were not perfect. The “Birth of a Country” was a full three-hour period, which made the audience at that time stunned. Not only that, but Griffith also used parallel montage and cross montage for the first time (“Lola Run” and “Crazy Stone” are typical examples of these two methods), he even created “last minute rescue” The model was not used by the filmmakers for a hundred years.
Griffith’s contribution to the history of film is enormous, and without him, this progress will be delayed for many years. However, the script of this film has aroused people’s great resentment. It tells how the 3K Party has gradually strengthened its strength and punishes the blacks who are not guilty after the Civil War. This extreme racist attitude has until now made Griffith unable to be affirmed by everyone. Even in 2004, a film screening was forced to cancel because of the arson threat.



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