Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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“Amazing Captain” word of mouth explosion

Today, Marvel’s new work “Amazing Captain” social media word of mouth is released, almost all of them are praised, and the evaluation called this film “the feeling of a great sci-fi movie in the 1990s”, while “Amazing Captain” will also be Marvel The synergy of the team has reached its limit!

Although the film took place in the 1990s, the history of the Marvel Movie Universe and the details of almost all MCU movies are connected in many places.

At the same time, the media showed four audience climaxes, namely the opening flower, a scene, a certain scene of the orange cat and the ending egg.

The media believes that Blar Larson plays Carol’s demeanor, movement, and tone, and she has a strong chemical reaction with Samuel Jackson. At the same time, it is repeatedly mentioned that the villain played by Ben Mendelson and the orange cat is the biggest highlights of the film.

Of course, some people in the praise also believe that although the film is excellent, there are still some shortcomings, that is, “Amazing Captain” is still not separated from the Marvel mode, and the slow narrative structure of the first half of the movie of heroic origin, but in the latter half of the movie improve.

At the same time, the media also mentioned that “Amazing Captain” has an egg that pays tribute to Master Stan Lee at the beginning of the film, and there are two subtitled eggs at the end of the film, including “Re-Link 4”.

This media evaluation is very interesting, for your excerpts as a reference:

  1. “Amazing Captain” has a very good complement to the MCU. Now Marvel’s world view is even bigger. The villain Mendelson is very bright every time. Carol’s performance made me very much looking forward to “Reunification 4”.
  2. Brill Larson and Samuel Jackson have a strong chemical reaction. Mendelson and the kitten are very eye-catching, and Mendelson is absolutely ranked in the forefront of Marvel’s richest villains, too good.
  3. I really hope that the Skuru people can become as important as the MCU’s future and the “infinite gem”. Ben Mendelson is so cool, the process of deformation is great!
  4. “Amazing Captain” kicked off with a very touching Stan Lee tribute, and Marvel would like it. Many interesting eggs in the movie that connect the Marvel movie universe to other movies in the past must be carefully viewed.
  5. Don’t be late, or you will regret it for a long time! There are surprises in the title, and the Marvel trademark has also changed completely if you find that you may scream out.
  6. Don’t go to the bathroom when the subtitles come out, give me a slap! Then wait for the first egg to come out and scream!
  7. The cat is awesome!
  8. The story is full of twists, although some have guessed after the notice is issued, there are still surprises.
  9. Nick Fury got his most part in Marvel and was full of a sense of humor. He was really handsome when he was young, and Marvel really didn’t spend much.
  10. The scene on Earth is better than the part in space.
  11. The tyrants are going to be finished!

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