Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Why is “Wandering Earth” so exciting?

Starting from “War Wolf II”, Wu Jing has already undermined the rules of the film market.


The rules of the former movie market were to rely on stars to carry traffic, star directors, star actors, and various traffic stars that have been ignited in recent years. Many movies are for the purpose of holding someone, the most typical one is the Great Wall.

This model was very successful more than a decade ago. For example, “The Founding of the People’s Republic of China” and “The Great Party of the Party” have all brought this model to the extreme, and it has only supported a few stars to prop up a film.

In this mode, the ratio of film remuneration to production costs is very high, and the highest even reach 70% to 80%. The pay for these traffic stars has also risen steadily, and tens of millions of ordinary movies can’t afford it.


In the past ten years, good-selling movies tend to have fewer stars, while movies with more stars tend to have less reputation and the box office is not so good. The reason is here.

For example, Feng Xiaogang’s several films in recent years, the word reputation is better, such as “I am not Pan Jinlian”, “Fanghua”, in fact, do not use stars. Because of the low-paying traffic stars, the investment in production can be more.


“War Wolf II” has actually destroyed this business model, and the film pays only a small percentage of the production cost. No traffic star is used, and the cost is mainly concentrated on the production side. The result is a burst of money, setting a box office record.

The Stray Earth is the same model. Without the traffic star, he resolutely controlled the proportion of the film paying in the production cost. Huang Xiaoming did not play down and found Wu Jing. As a result, Wu Jing did not pay for the film, but later he also invested money.

Imagine if “War Wolf II” used a lot of traffic stars, and couldn’t move a star with tens of millions of pieces of money. Wu Jing is a great skill. Where can I get so many weapons and equipment to make movies?


Moreover, in the past few years, the main feature of the traffic star movie is money laundering. It seems that the stars have particularly high pay, but not all of them are taken away by the stars. The rebate ratio is very high.

This is also why P2P companies that are particularly easy and fast-moving in the past few years are particularly keen on investing in film making because it is the way to put the money raised in their pockets in the shortest possible time. .

In this sense, the pattern of “War Wolf II” and “Wandering Earth” not only undermines the original business model of the film industry but also undermines some unspoken rules and clear rules of the industry.


Moreover, in 2018, this model is replacing the original business model. Some of the better-selling films are not using big stars and traffic stars. Instead, they use some less well-known actors, but the box office is very successful. For example, “I am not a drug god”, that’s it.

Understand this, it is not difficult to understand why the “Wandering Earth” box office counterattack, suddenly encountered a wave of raids by a star. Because “Wandering Earth” is actually breaking the road of people.

Not only movies but TV shows are actually the same. The business model that relies on a few flow florets and small fresh meat maps to bring traffic is also reversed in 2018, and squatting has become a joke.

Even if you want to use the flow of small flowers and small fresh meat, it is difficult to deceive the audience, and it will soon be seen. Even if the flow of small flowers and small fresh meat, it is necessary to rely on acting and works to be recognized by the audience.

Therefore, the production level of TV dramas is actually improving, especially for a few more popular TV series. It is to let the old actors who are almost forgotten, and the producers try to hold the small flowers, instead Not much attention.

In this sense, the film model represented by “War Wolf II” and “Wandering Earth” not only makes the film return to the film itself but also makes the film production level of China truly enter the stage of industrial film production.

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