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Graduation Works: analysis of the three elements of the movie

The elements of work usually refer to the constituent parts or units that make up the work. They often have the ability to construct story content, etc. For film and television works, the elements of the work are often diverse. Some film and television works, through the elements of love, islands, and detectives, form the story content of the whole work.

The youth love adventure film “Graduation Works” starring Xu, Zhang Yishan and Ding Ding is a film composed of various elements. As a youthful film work, “Graduation Works” is composed of the main elements. These constituent elements are also used to construct this film work. I believe that a partner who is familiar with the film is not difficult to feel. In the meantime, the elements of this film are mainly reflected in three aspects. They include three elements: love, islands, and detectives.

  • Love

Love is often an important or important component of many film and television works. The attractive elements of love not only bring resonance and feeling to our audience. Moreover, emotional elements such as life and life can be harvested through the elements of love. And some of the film’s love elements, through the sublimation of emotions to achieve everyone’s emotional experience and thinking of the work. This film work “Graduation Works” is a film and television work with the main elements of love. They build the whole story of the work through love. At the same time, through the works, we have interpreted the hero’s emotional sublimation for our audience. Among them, the result is the stability of the love and the result of the sublimation of the feelings.

First of all, this film works through the solidity of emotions to form and interpret the elements of love. In particular, his feeling with Xiao Wen is important. Because of care and attention, Yin Hao will go to help Xiaowen complete her graduation work. Therefore, from the attitude of facing the feelings, this film is driven by the male protagonist’s motivation to stabilize love. At the same time, this attitude has become a symbol of love between them. Secondly, this film also interprets and interprets the film element about love through the perspective of emotional sublimation. In the story of the film work, the male protagonist Yin Hao and the heroine Xiaowen have such an experience.

For the love element in the movie, the love of Yin Hao and Xiao Wen is sublimated, not only the emotional goal that the male protagonist hopes to achieve. At the same time, it is the moving point of the love story of film works. Therefore, between Yin Hao and Xiao Wen, the film presents us with sublimation and steady realization of emotions. This is precisely the love element that effectively constitutes and forms the film work.

  • Isolated island

Environment and scenes are often an important part of film and television productions to show stories and promote stories. They can not only provide a special background for the story of the work. At the same time, we can also bring the help of understanding stories to our audience through metaphors. Therefore, the design and presentation of the environment and the scene are also important components in the film and television works. In the movie “Graduation Works”, there are special environments and scenes with metaphors. The story environment and scene of this film work is an island. Therefore, this isolated island has become the background of the characters’ behavior and the development of the story. The protagonist and the story are often defined in the special environment of the island. The existence of this element mainly has two aspects of surface and metaphor.

In this way, the adventure story of this film work will also show the tension of the atmosphere and atmosphere because of the elements of the island. We can usually think and imagine the hero’s sense of crisis and danger in the story from the tension of the film. After all, the island’s extended metaphor can, to a certain extent, create the tension, danger, and crisis perception of the film’s situation. Thus, it can effectively play the elements of the film of the island.

  • Probe

There are many ways and means to explore the case. The film and television productions deductive elements often bring suspense, tension, and adventure to the film. It can also be used as an important element of the film to present and present stories to our audience. Movies with detective elements can often increase the appeal of viewers to watch. The film “Graduation Works” as a film with elements of exploration, it has its own obvious suspense appeal on the story. However, in this film work, the main deductive performance of the elements of the case can be understood as focusing on the protagonist’s detective identity and the incident itself. These two aspects together form and constitute the elements of the film.

It can be seen that this film works also has a process of interpretation of the incident. The work, through the protagonist Yin Hao’s investigation and pursuit process, effectively presented the case event process. The process of investigating the case and the case itself, but also truly and effectively interpreted the audiovisual elements of the film. Therefore, we can say that this film work also interprets the relevant elements of the case through the case itself. Love with stable solidity and emotional sublimation, with isolated islands and metaphors surrounded by islands, with detective identity and the case itself, is the three elements of the film “Graduation Works”. Maybe, everyone has different understandings about the elements of the film. I believe this is also a film that is worthy of the audience’s thinking.

A good movie, we usually get from the film evaluation. Good movies can not only win higher box office but also bring higher profits to investors and producers. The most important thing is that a good movie can bring us beautiful enjoyment.

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