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The China Film Annual Survey Report

Listening to the sound of the waves, watching the infinite scenery, taking advantage of the 40 years of reform and opening up, the Chinese film in 2018 is full of flowers. The “2018 Chinese Film Annual Survey Report” jointly launched by the Film Channel Media Center and the 1905 Film Network was released and released by authority. More than 10,000 professional film critics participated in the event and used the data to understand the development of the Chinese film market. On January 4, 2019, “Today’s Film Critics” specially invited Rao Shuguang, director of the China Federation of Literary and Art Film Art Center and president of the China Film Critics Association, to analyze the year-end report of Chinese film from a professional perspective.

The box office results of Chinese films in 2018 reflected the prosperity of the market. The annual total box office success exceeded 60 billion, marking the beginning of a new stage in the development of Chinese film. Rao Shuguang believes in the “Today’s Film Critics” that the total box office is gratifying, and the growth of domestic film data is worthy of the attention and pride of Chinese filmmakers. In 2018, the domestic movie market share increased by about 9%, the domestic movie box office grew by 25%, and the market share increased to 62%. The number of people watching the city cinema was 1.716 billion, and the number of city cinema observations was 111 million. The growth of domestic movie box office and movie attendance represents the increase in the audience’s trust in domestic movies, indicating that the audience is more and more willing to go into the cinema to watch domestic movies.

The emergence of a large number of outstanding works by young directors has laid a better foundation for the development of Chinese film and opened up more space. The film directors of “I am not a drug god” and “a good show” are all directed for the first time. They have injected a strong heart into the sustainable development of Chinese film. China’s transition from a movie power to a film power depends on the emergence of new power. Rao Shuguang said that the new force is changing the pattern of Chinese film, and it has largely reshaped the trajectory of Chinese film operation.

In “Today’s Film Critics”, Rao Shuguang said that the “2018 China Film Annual Survey Report” is large in scale, authoritative in data, and multi-dimensional display of 2018 Chinese film transcripts. As the mainstream media of the country, the film channel has assumed the social responsibility it deserves and made valuable and meaningful contributions to the development of Chinese film. In 2019, Chinese films must adhere to the life of the craftsman who “sit on the bench for ten years”, rooted in the people, and created more high-quality works worthy of the great times and great people to meet the diversified and differentiated needs of the audience, and new expectations for a better life. Promote social progress in the form of a film and make more contributions to the Chinese dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Comedy films have always been the most popular type among Chinese audiences. Due to the rapid development of modern society, many young viewers have relied on watching movies to release work pressure. Therefore, films such as “The Richest Man in Xihong City” are not only high in the box office but also have a good reputation. They entered the top four when the audience selected the film. As an organic combination of realism and comedy, “Unknown Generation” is a closer look and reflects the reality, opening a new window for domestic comedy.

  1. “In the Mood for Love” is a classic in the classics. So far, no one has surpassed the gods. “In the Mood for Love” has not only received high praises from abroad but also received high marks in foreign countries.In 2001, the world’s top ten best film “In the Mood for Love” is the fourth place. In 2013, the 25 best love films in the British “Guardian” “Flower Years” is the sixth place. This is the only one selected for Chinese movies! 2009 American CNN Film History 18 Best Asian Films “In the Mood for Love” is the first!

  1. Kung Fu” has a high influence in China, and its evaluation abroad is also very high.The comments of foreign media on the movie “Kung Fu” have burst, and even the university professors in New York have included this film in the must-see movies of film and television students. The plot in the movie is simple and unconstrained, the lines of humor are ahead of the line, the creative effects of the sky, the emotional depiction of blood and warmth, and Stephen Chow is the genius born for the comedy movie.
  2. “Infernal Affairs” is a Hong Kong-influenced film or an epic work of Hong Kong movies. The rivalry between Andy Lau and Tony Leung is a classic and unforgettable.The complicated interpersonal relationship and the intense plot made Hong Kong movies truly go to the world. In the movie, Liu Jianming faced the helplessness and jealousy of being a good person, and finally, he went to the division of personality! It also shows the fact that people are in the rivers and lakes, involuntarily!
  3. As a communicator of oriental culture, “Hero” is undoubtedly the success of Zhang Yimou as a Chinese blockbuster to the world. The film has won a box office of 170 million US dollars worldwide, and the domestic box office has reached 250 million yuan.Of course, not only in North America, but also in Japan and Europe, the box office is not bad, and it has been well received.
  4. “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” can be said to have been the peak of Chinese martial arts films since 2000, and it seems that there is still no film beyond.From the novel to the film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, the change is not only from ink to image, but also from modern to modern, and then to the Western culture represented by Hollywood culture. The height of the film is obvious to all.

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