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Film review

How do we write an excellent film review?

If you want to write a good film review, you should first watch the movie seriously, and record the important characters, shots, etc. in the film to find out the highlights and the most novel aspects of the film. Whether a film critic can attract people is whether they have different opinions from others, and write something that others generally cannot think of. We can summarize “new” and “odd” in two words.

Common problem: Separated from the theme, storytelling, all-around, no point of view, written as “tofu block”, the end of the inversion, common sense problems, no details.

Thought review

Comment topic. This part strives to have unique insights and dig deeper. Most of the articles in “Autumn Harvest Uprising” think that this film reflects the history of the autumn harvest uprising and successfully portrays the image of Mao Zedong. Combining Marxism-Leninism with the practice of the Chinese revolution, taking the road of encircling the city from the countryside, and finding the direction of the struggle for the Chinese revolution. And I realized from Lenin’s account of the leader and the central definition of Mao Zedong’s thought: The film reflects Mao Zedong’s growth as a prominent revolutionary leader in the struggle. It also reveals the historical reasons and processes of the formation and development of Mao Zedong Thought, and my comments are from this new perspective.

Comment on the meaning of reality. This is also related to the theme, but more focused on the role of reality. The reality of the film such as “Kong Fansen, I tell you” is based on the integrity of the party members and cadres, commenting on the “Large Man” in “The Day of Leaving Lei Feng” focuses on the positive significance of learning Lei Feng in the new era. Historical film reviews are also based on reality.

Write a sense. When you write about the feelings, you need to connect with reality, integrate yourself, or praise the advanced, the backward, the awkwardness. Or conduct self-consideration, find gaps, and motivate. The film review articles of primary and middle school students are mostly of this type. First, it can’t be written as “story introduction + self-control”. The second is to keep a close contact with the film, instead of taking a topic from the film and leaving a comment on the film.

Character review

This is a more common comment style, which can be divided into single person comments, the same type of personal comments, and comparative comments of different characters. In the writing of character reviews, it is best to not only evaluate the meaning of the characters but also to combine the methods of character shaping to grasp the unique personality of the characters. Such as the character’s unique behavior, movement, ideas, interests, talents, from which to deepen the meaning of the characters.

  1. Artistic style review. For example, “Where is the uncomfortable laughter coming from?” is a comment on the film “Party B” in a comedy style. “Screen Surge History” analyzes the reasons for the success of excellent documentaries from the aesthetic characteristics of documentaries. “Red River Valley: A Touching Visual Symphony” reviews the symphonic poetic style of the film.
  2. Artistic style review. For example, the analysis of several major battle scenes in the film “Big Turn” in the “Poetry of the Poetic Battlefield” The rich poetry expressed by the critics in the way of splashing ink gives people a feeling of trepidation. For the “Red Lovers” that caused much controversy, the film critics of “The Beauty of Poetry Movies” is affirmed from the perspective of film style and innovation.
  3. Aesthetic characteristics review. “Call for Family and Humanity” starts with the aesthetic characteristics of contemporary tragedy, pointing out that contemporary tragedy focuses on exploring the complexity of human spiritual life and evoking people’s valuable things in life such as family and humanity. Comment on the article “Why is the little devil” cute in “The Little Devil”, combined with the analysis of children’s aesthetic psychology.
  • Writing requirement
  • Close to “movie” and “comment”.

The content of the comment must be provided by the film, not from the description and the story of the newspaper. You should grasp the characteristics of film art. The object of comment has a sense of picture and movement. Let people who haven’t seen a movie get a general understanding of the film and agree with your point of view. It is necessary to open a comment, clarify the center, strictly carry out reasoning and argumentation, and avoid “story plus feelings” or opinions.

Overall grasp, detail breakthrough

  First of all, you need to have a correct overall evaluation of a film. On this basis, choose a smaller perspective to dig deeper, and make high-rise buildings and tastings. Avoid everything, what others say about what you say. On the other hand, avoid a leaf blind and not see the woods. Strive to write a monograph that is swayed into it, not to write a general theory or a discourse. All kinds of newspapers and periodicals, including professional film newspapers and periodicals, in order to grab timeliness and engage in “hype”, most of them published comprehensive evaluations of journalists based on the excerpts of materials distributed by the editors, and fell into the “story plot + theme ideas + artistic features + actors introduction + shooting tidbits” formula .

Ideological and artistic unity

  Comments that focus on social significance should pay attention to the artistry of the film, and use the screen image provided by the film to explain and demonstrate. There is a student who wrote a film review of “The Burning Yuanmingyuan”, but only expressed his feelings about this historical event. The full text has nothing to do with the film. Strictly speaking, such an article is not a film review. Comments that focus on artistic value must grasp the ideological connotation embodied in artistic expression. Pay attention to the artistry of the review article itself.

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