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Film review

Little knowledge about film evaluation

A movie review is called of short film evaluation. It analyzes and comments on the director, actors, lens language, shooting techniques, plots, clues, environment, colors, light, etc. of a film. The purpose of the film review is to analyze, identify and evaluate the aesthetic value, cognitive value, social meaning, lens language and other aspects contained in the screen. Therefore, it can achieve the purpose of filming, explain the theme expressed in the film, not only through analyzing the success or failure of the film, helping the director to broaden their horizons and improve the level of creation, to promote the prosperity and development of film art. At the same time, through analysis and evaluation, it can influence the audience’s understanding and appreciation of the film, and enhance the audience’s appreciation level, thus indirectly promoting the development of film art.

Purpose of the review

The purpose of the film review is to analyze, identify and evaluate the aesthetic value, cognitive value, social meaning, lens language and other aspects contained in the screen. Reach the purpose of filming and explain the themes expressed in the film. It can help the director to broaden his horizons and improve his creative level by analyzing the success and failure of the film to promote the prosperity and development of film art. This can indirectly promote the development of film art.


The content of movie reviews is diverse. There are key topics to comment on the theme, theme, character or social significance of the film, as well as the artistic style, modeling means and film language of different films, styles or films. There are special reviews of film creations in a certain period and a certain genre, as well as writing reviews for famous film directors, actors, and other film artists. There are also column reviews in the newspapers for the films or certain creative issues that were released at the time, as well as comments on films in a certain period and scope. Due to the different appreciation or cultural background of readers and viewers, it is necessary to have monographs for the study of film professionals, as well as film review articles that improve the appreciation of the general audience.

Film review status

Film creation is constantly developing, and the concept of the film is constantly changing. Different schools of philosophy, aesthetics, sociology, and art, which are closely related to film reviews, infiltrate into the field of film research and criticism with their different viewpoints and methods. Especially since the 1950s and 1960s, experts and scholars from other disciplines have been increasing their research and commentary on films. The film reviewers also study the methodology of other disciplines and apply them to film reviews, such as structuralism, semiotics, and systems, information theory, and cybernetics. This has led to the diversification of film review methods. In China, film reviews usually consider the following aspects:

  • Whether the film’s inclination and authenticity are unified
  • How is the personality and typicality of the characters?
  • Whether the film from the content to the form is in keeping with the innovative spirit of the times
  • Does the film have a distinct national style and creative personality?
  • What valuable explorations have the film made in the use of film concepts and film language
  • The enjoyment of the film and its social effects

Film creation is influenced by the times, politics and culture. The film review carefully studies the object of the comment, understands the actual situation of the film creation and production, understands the era of the creator’s life and the era reflected by the work. In order to guide viewers to the appreciation of the film, film critics must understand the audience’s reflection on the film, their interests, their likes and dislikes and wishes, and listen to their opinions. On this basis, the reviewers present their own unique insights and evaluations in order to inspire and help the creators and audiences of the film. Different opinions on the analysis and evaluation of films or other creative phenomena are frequent, and discussion and debate on major principle differences should be more. Fully rational discussion is beneficial to the examination and development of the film review itself, and also inspires and benefits the film creation and audience appreciation.

In China, there were film reviews in the press in the early 1920s. In 1932, the Communist Party of China established a film group headed by Xia Yan in the film industry and founded the magazine “Movie Art”, a magazine and theory of left-wing filmmakers. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, film reviews have been further developed. Timely analysis and comment on new films, affirming the success of the film, criticizing the shortcomings of the film, and achieving new achievements in discussing issues, summing up experiences and commenting on various international film and film theories. Professional and amateur film review teams have grown and grown. On January 24, 1981, the China Film Critics Society was established in Beijing. The institution learns to comment and discuss issues in the new era of film, film aesthetics, film language and creation, and exchanges information and ideas through the annual meeting. At the same time, many provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions have established film review societies. The mass filming organizations and activities at the grassroots level in various localities have been mushrooming and being built up. Many factories and schools are also conducting various forms of film evaluation activities. Extensive masses is one of the important features of Chinese film reviews. In terms of awards, the Ministry of Radio, Film, and Television, the China Film Association and the editorial department of “Popular Film” held the annual “Outstanding Film Award”, “Golden Chicken Award” and “Hundred Flowers Award” respectively. From the different perspectives of the government and experts and audience, we evaluate and recognize and reward outstanding films that emerge every year and filmmakers who make valuable contributions to film art. This is the history of the development of Chinese film reviews.

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