preview in Lancaster

On Wednesday March 26 Lancaster University will hold a preview screening of Madame B in the Storey. The film will be shown at 6pm followed by a lecture by Mieke and Q&A afterwards. Please join if you’d like, all are welcome.

Next stop: Zürich

On her exhibition journey Madame B has stopped in Zürich for a small satellite show called When Love Fails Us. The show will be on display at the Museum Bärengasse until 28 February 2014. Mieke made a video impression for those not able to visit Museum Bärengasse.

Interview with Mieke

Michelle and Mieke. Photo by Liina Luhats

Michelle and Mieke. Photo by Liina Luhats

The online art and culture magazine Arterritory features and interview with Mieke about Madame B and the Tallinn show. You can the whole interview on

“Flaubert described his time and culture critically, but with a prophetic foresight. His character, Emma, was discovered decades later, by Freud. The destructive consequence of ruthless capitalism is only now showing its destructive face. This is why we reject the historical costume drama that emphasizes the historical remoteness of the novel. Almost all other films based on this novel do this. It is as if they are afraid of the similarities with today. They think that historicizing the novel is being faithful to it, but it is the contrary – it is a huge betrayal. Flaubert wrote a contemporary novel. Historical costume drama puts Emma’s mistakes and tragedy at a safe distance, but it is just around the corner.” is an art and culture website in Latvian, Russian, and English, which focuses on Baltic, Scandinavian, and Russian art and its manifestations elsewhere in the world.

Madame B travelled to Tallinn

The Madame B exhibition has travelled to Tallinn, Estonia! It is on view until January 30 in the Vaal galerii, so don’t miss it when you’ re in the neighborhood. The official opening is Friday 17th at 6pm. Michelle and Mieke will be present as well as some of our Finnish actors and team members.


Crowdfunding update

wall of fame link picWe are delighted to tell you that we raised €8.000, and are deeply grateful for your support. Thanks to you, we can now finish the remaining post-production work and begin distributing the project – both the film and the installations.

Now that the Indiegogo campaign is over, we aim to continue raising money through our website So if you intended to donate but hadn’t managed yet, you still can!